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I only got an opportunity to direct 5.25 of these 11-minute episodes before I had to move onto another series. Working on L.O.S.E. was some of the funnest moments of my animation career!


It's the hottest day of summer and L.O.S.E.'s air conditioner is on the fritz again. Voltar decides to borrow a Quantum Weather Generator, invented by a kid genius at the local high school science fair. Unfortunately for L.O.S.E., both the military and a powerful super villain known as Skullossus are after the same thing


L.O.S.E. is determined to get a free pizza from Pronto Pizza (in 10 minutes or it's free) by making the delivery guy run their gauntlet once again. But this time they're going up against a whole new pizza delivery guy.

"1 Zillion!"

To impress the neighbor kids, Voltar boasts they have "one zillion" TV channels. Now they have exactly one day to prove it. I won a Leo Award for this and the following episode.

"Bite At The Museum"

The League wants to steal a dinosaur bone so they can clone a t-rex and take over the neighborhood. They manage to sneak in after hours, but soon learn they'll have to get past their old nemesis Justice Gene, who was forced to get a job as a security guard at the museum after L.O.S.E. had him fired.

Here's an outtake for one of the scenes:

"School Daze"

Defeated by an electronic trivia game, Voltar decides to get even with the kids who laughed at him by posing as a substitute teacher. Once in control of the classroom Voltar will be able to teach them all the wrong answers to the game, ensuring his victory! "Puttin' books on your roof, booooyyyyy!"

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Aww man, I love this show! Dr.Frogg is awesome!