Monday, August 03, 2009



This Gemini Award winning, Emmy Award nominated action-packed (I'm not kidding, it's probably the most action-packed 22-minute Saturday morning cartoon ever made) series is on Cartoon Network and Teletoon here in Canada. The super-talented Nerd Corps directors (Blair, Clint, Dan, George, Logan, Rav, Steve), story boarders (helmed by the uber-talented Colin Lorimer), designers, animators, modelers, post fx crew and more bring this show to life. The sound design on this sucker was done at DBC Sound and it's completely off-the-charts. I mean it's super crazy good! So much so, they were nominated for two 2010 Emmy Awards! A big tip of the hat to composer Brian Carson for his amazing scores and catchy hooks which earned him a 2010 Emmy nomination and a Gemini Award nom! The series was nominated for a 2010 and 2011 Gemini for Best Direction and took the Gemini for Best Animated Production in 2011. The action bar for Saturday morning cartoons has been drastically raised.