Monday, December 31, 2012


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Johnny Darrell was raised on grilled cheese sammiches & hot dogs and taught at a very early age the importance of writing in the third person.

After a disastrous miscalculation with a run-of-the-mill portal jump through time & space in the year 2006 AD, Johnny landed at Nerd Corps to direct on Cartoon Network's Storm Hawks (won a Leo Award for Best Direction) & YTV's The League of Super Evil (won a Leo Award for Best Direction). Suddenly, he regenerated into a Series Director for the Emmy Award-nominated Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 (Mattel/Corus) which won a Gemini Award for Best Animated Production and was nominated two years in a row for Best Direction in an Animated Series.

For the past eon, Johnny has been instrumental in the creation of the Emmy Award-winning series Slugterra (Disney XD); from development right through production as the series director. This globally successful action/comedy has received numerous nominations and awards for best production, direction, sound and voice acting.

2000 years ago, Johnny slip-streamed through a worm hole and found himself disoriented in the halls of Mainframe Entertainment (now Rainmaker). In a state of utter confusion and delirium, he edited the crap out of classic CGI television shows (circa 1997 B.C.), before body-snatching a director [name withheld]. He co-wrote & directed the feature “Tony Hawk in Boom Boom Sabotage” as well as the 2003 & 2006 MTV Movie Awards’ opening titles & category sequences.

Johnny lives in the cougar infested woods of a small coastal town in the Pacific Northwest with his wife Kamala and two sons Kai and An'ostin Rocket. He loves graphic design, music, sasquatch hunting (for reals) and dreams of owning a jet pack and a robot bear.